Book Review: What Happens On Vacation by Jo Watson

If you love a good rom-com with a dash of wanderlust, “if Christina Lauren and Emily Henry had a baby…” you’re going to want to add “What Happens on Vacation” to your TBR!

What Happens On Vacation by Jo Watson

Journalist Margaret loves her job, writing important stories about the impact of government decisions on day-to-day lives for a respected newspaper in Johannesburg. There’s only one problem: her co-worker, Jagger Villain. Is that even his real name? she often wonders. Jagger spends his days writing fluff pieces on everything from the worst-rated barber in Johannesburg to speed dating to male sex toys. To make matters worse, they share a cubicle and a desk, and every day he finds new ways to drive her to distraction. She needs a vacation!

Thankfully the upcoming company quiz night has the perfect first prize: a deluxe trip to a resort in Zanzibar. It will be the perfect escape for Margaret and her mother after a difficult year dealing with the death of her father and divorce. Margaret’s never met a quiz night she can’t win, but then she’s never competed against Jagger. That’s when the unthinkable happens. They tie. They both win. They both get to go to Zanzibar.

It’s bad enough that Margaret has to be on the same island as Jagger, but at least she has her widowed mother with her to help her avoid her co-worker and whoever he brings. However, Jagger’s plus one isn’t what she expected. It’s not some girl of the moment, it’s his father, which shakes up her opinion of him . . . at least a bit. And that’s when the entire situation goes from farce to horror show: their parents fall in love and decide to get married.

Suddenly Margaret and Jagger go from co-workers who dislike each other (but also ‘accidentally’ had sex one night,) to step siblings who dislike each other (but also ‘accidentally’ had sex one night!). But maybe they don’t dislike each other as much as they initially thought they did?

Book Review

I received an advance review copy from @wbywattpadbooks on @netgalley for my honest review. Again, adorable cover, enemies to lovers and forced proximity will get my every. single. time! And this one did not disappoint!

I really enjoyed this sassy and sweet story by @jowatsonwrites! The FMC, Margaret, is a curvy and clever journalist who doesn’t take crap from anyone. And Jagger—God bless him—is her new-ish “charming” co-worker who gets under her skin. They end up together on vacation and queue the magic.

I love Maggie & Jagger’s witty banter, their journey to love, and all the antics along the way. And you’ll fall for the supporting cast as well—parents full of personality and a rock star bff, just to name a few.

Trigger warning: it’s not all fun and games—Margaret is dealing with serious loss, of her father and her marriage—all in the last year. Having lost my parents not too long ago I did have to work through some emotions during this read, but I will say it was cathartic.

If you love a good rom-com with a dash of wanderlust, “if Christina Lauren and Emily Henry had a baby…” I highly recommend you add this one to your TBR—out October 23rd!

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