Book Review: Bed…& Breakfast by K. Iwancio

If you’re a fan of Outlander, HEA’s and steamy rom-com’s, you’re going to want to read “Bed…and Breakfast!”

Bed…& Breakfast by K. Iwancio

Chloe Grant is only days away from her wedding to her high school sweetheart, Jeff Cameron. But with a last-minute RSVP, her fairy tale life-to-be is shattered. The shocking RSVP reveals that Jeff, the only man she’s ever been with, has been cheating on her.

Angela Hankin, Chloe’s best friend and would-be maid-of-honor, convinces her to get away from the chaos. Escaping the fallout of a failed wedding and relationship, the two friends go on Chloe’s non-refundable honeymoon to Scotland.

Instead of being able to forget the past, the shadows of what her ex-fiancée did continue to haunt her. That is until the bed and breakfast owner’s son, Alec Mackenzie, sets his sights on her. But the handsome and bewildering equivalent of a Scottish Casanova, is seemingly the same kind of man that Chloe is trying to run away from.

Can Chloe see past Alec’s supposed playboy ways to the sensitive and passionate man with a sad past hiding within? Or will she go running back to the only man she’s ever known and loved to make amends?

Book Review

I received an advance review copy from @k.iwancio_writes for my honest review. A romance set in a cozy Bed & Breakfast in Scotland with a MMC based on Jamie Fraser of Outlander? Sign me up!

I really enjoyed this sweet story by K. Iwancio! I loved going on the journey with Chloe, both physically and emotionally, as she heals from her toxic relationship and falls for a hunk of a kilt-wearing hottie.

And Alec Mackenzie? I don’t think there is anyone on planet Earth that wouldn’t be done in by the “Scottish Casanova.” He’s the perfect balance of sweet and sexy—and just the right person for our jilted FMC.

Add in a dose of wanderlust, amazing side characters (trust me, you’ll be craving Mrs. Mackenzie’s scones after reading), will have you falling in love right alongside Chloe and Alec.

If you’re a fan of Outlander, HEA’s and steamy rom-com’s, I highly recommend you snag “Bed…and Breakfast” on release day…tomorrow, August 28th!

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